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Welcome to! Here you can find a free premium Moviestarplanet hack that is able to generate unlimited diamonds, starcoins and VIP accounts. Below you can see a proof of working hack. As you can see we generated 99.999 diamonds and 99.999 starcoins for one of my friends that was sceptic at begining. After she logged in, she was shocked to see that big amount of starcoins 🙂

How to use Msp hack by Lisa to generate VIP, diamonds and starcoins

msp hack by Lisa moviestarplanet hack

Now let me explain in detail how Msp hack by Lisa work. If you take a closer look at the picture below there is a screenshot at the app that is able to give you vip, fame, starcoins and diamonds. On the left site you can see the “Account” tab with “Username” and “Password” box where you must insert your account details like username and password. On the left side you will find “Features” tab and 2 options like “Diamonds”, “Starcoins” and “VIP”.

Download Moviestarplanet hack without survey or human verification

download msp hack by lisa 2017

Under “Log In” tab, you can see the “Connect” button. So, if you want to add resources to your account, insert your Moviestarplanet username and passworg, then click “Log in”, choose the amount of starcoins or diamonds and VIP for 1 Year and then click “Connect”. Entire process wil take about 5 minutes to be done. After that, open your browser and log into your Moviestarplanet account and use your resources. You can use this tool as many times as you want without any fear because you’re protected by built in proxies.

Moviestarplanet hack has been tested with: Windows 10, Windows 8 and 8.1, Windows 7. Feel free to share our website with other Moviestarplanet stars.

Best features

Our website definitely changes the way you play this game. It allows you to spend and explore your time in dwelling the amazing potential of the game instead of wasting your time in gaining the resources. There are many best features of this tools like

  • You can get free and unlimited coins and diamonds.
  • Along with other code, these hack tools have hidden banning protection codes inbuilt which can never reveal that you are using these tools to generate free resources.
  • You will be able to generate these cheats instantaneously.
  • Mostly these tools are online based and you can safely generate the coins and diamonds.

How do these tools work?

These tools are nothing but a pack of codes that get into the loop holes of the game server and get the codes. A set of highly skilled programmers develop these codes to hack the Moviestarplanet server. These codes can effectively bypass the security system and firewalls of this game server in order to obtain the Star coins, diamonds and VIP status.

A word of caution about MSP tools:

It is better to avoid the downloadable version of Movie star planet as it increases the risk of downloading harmful virus or malware in your device and your sensible information getting stolen. Before you choose a hack tool, do a detailed online research and also look for the user reviews and ratings to find out whether the tool is legit and will provide working resources.

Most of us spend our free time by playing games. These games give immense freedom to achieve what you want in contrast to reality that you face. In fact, these games give you a break from normal routine. People select the game according to their interest and start playing. One such game that we are going to discuss about is Movie star planet.

Being a movie star is the one we all of us crave for as they are famous and wealthy. This popular game will give you all that freedom of being who you want to be. You can climb the stardom ladder by creating your own avatar.  You get to meet loads of friends in chat room and this socializing would make the play even more interesting. If you are a creative person then this would be an apt game to show your talent by designing your own clothes, decorating your room, create looks and many more. Cutest pets roam around in this game and constantly needs your care and attention. If you think that only these are the things you can do in this game, then the answer is no. You can even watch your favourite YouTube videos and play games too.

More about the game:

more about the game

This game Moviestarplanet is a fun filled game with loads of room for creativity. When you play this game, you need to pick a character and compete for diamonds and star coins. The diamonds and star coins are the currency of this game which can help you to buy much stuff like costumes, animations, etc. If other users watch your movie then you can earn these two currencies.

If you want to claim to the next higher level then you need to interact with other users and also should join several competitions. This game is so popular among children, for the first reason is that the age limit is a minimum of 8 years and maximum of 15 years and the second reason is it allows them to be more creative and have more fun. You can play this game on Android, iOS and Windows.

Being the primary currency of this game Star coins, 10 coins would be given to each player after watching some movie. If you are the creator of the movie then you can earn more. As you reach higher levels the coins that you earn would also be more. Pet a boonie, then you can earn few coins. If you happen to win a competition then you are going to earn some Star coins, diamonds and even VIP status. Giving or receiving a greeting or spinning a daily wheel can also give you some coins. Next one to look upon are Diamonds or gems, you can use them to purchase some exclusive items like clothing, animations, etc. You can either buy a VIP or win a contest to get the diamonds. The last important thing is VIP status. If you buy this VIP package you can unleash the game truly. Enjoy all the features and options with no restrictions when you buy this.